28-day transformation

When someone new joins our gym, one of the first things we do is map out their goals – both long-term and short-term. The big, audacious goals like shedding 50 pounds or running a marathon get people fired up. But they can also feel daunting and far away, especially when you’re just starting a fitness journey.

That’s why I’m a big believer in also setting a short-term goal – something achievable in the next 4 weeks that builds momentum and keeps you motivated. A 28-day challenge, if you will.

For some, that might mean losing those first stubborn 5-10 pounds. For others, it’s finally getting rid of that nagging lower back pain or boosting their energy levels. The goal itself doesn’t matter as much as picking something concrete that you can realistically accomplish in a month’s time.

With a specific target and deadline, it becomes easier to identify the daily habits that need adjusting. Is it meal-prepping more? Cutting out nightly desserts? Hitting the weights 3 days a week? When you’re laser-focused for just 28 days, those changes feel less intimidating.

Then after those first 4 weeks of success, you’re ready to build on the momentum. Before you know it, you’ve built a solid foundation of healthy habits and results that propel you towards those bigger, long-term goals.

So as we kick off a new month, I challenge you to ask yourself: What’s my 28-day goal? What’s one thing I want to accomplish over the next 4 weeks that will get me closer to my best self? Maybe it’s drinking a gallon of water daily, getting 7 hours of sleep each night, or simply not missing a scheduled workout. 

Whatever it is, lock it in. Then go make it happen. 28 days from now, you’ll be grateful you started.