Breaking Through Plateaus

Have you found yourself stuck in a fitness rut, wondering if it’s your workout routine that’s to blame for the lack of progress? 

Questioning our choices is a common dilemma on our fitness journey. Are we doing the right exercises, the right way? Are we lifting enough weight? Pushing too hard … or maybe not hard enough?

Is it too much cardio and not enough strength training? Or is it the other way around? Maybe it’s the frequency of your workouts – are you overtraining or not training enough?

While these factors can indeed play a role, it’s essential to recognize that the root cause of your plateau often lies outside the gym. Let’s consider this: there are 168 hours in a week. If you’re experiencing a plateau, do you honestly think that the 3 hours a week spent in the gym are solely responsible for it, or is it more about the “Other 165”?

Let’s delve into it further.

How’s your diet? Are you nourishing your body with colorful veggies and lean proteins, or is fast food a frequent visitor to your plate?

What about your sleep? Are you getting the recommended 8 hours a night, or is 4 hours more typical for you?

And let’s not forget stress. Do you feel in control of your time, or does it often seem like you’re racing to escape a grizzly bear?

If you’re stressed, how do you cope? Are you turning to healthy strategies like yoga, meditation, stretching, or a calming walk in nature, or is alcohol and late-night outings your way of “blowing off steam”?

If you’re not seeing the results you desire, it’s unlikely to be due to the specific exercises you did or didn’t do last week. More often than not, it’s about what’s happening during the “Other 165” hours of your week.

This week, pick one of the areas mentioned above that you feel needs improvement. Work on it, track your progress, and you’ll likely find that you start feeling better, performing better in the gym, and ultimately achieving better results.