I recently asked a nutrition coaching client if he had any wins to share.

“Not really,” he said.

I knew I had to dig deeper.

“Well, we just passed the halfway point of the program … so it’s time to record your weight, waist and hip measurements,” I said. “No shame if you haven’t … but have you done that yet?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ve lost 8 pounds so far, and a half-inch off my waist.”

Whoa! What?!?!?

What an incredible accomplishment … 8 pounds and a half-inch around the waist … GONE … in only 5 weeks!

But … do you see how his first instinct was to say that he didn’t really have any wins to share?

How he thought that 8 pounds and a half-inch lost from his waist wasn’t worth mentioning?

There’s some faulty thinking and limiting beliefs going on here, for sure.

I am going to say this as loudly as I possibly can: “WE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO CELEBRATE OUR WINS!”

No matter how small … because there are no little victories.

They’re all big.

They all add up.

An extra workout.

A more supportive meal.

A pound lost. 

A personal record gained.

Entering a supportive relationship … or, exiting a toxic one.

Whatever it is, in order to let it sink in and keep the momentum going, you need to celebrate it.

Write it down in a notebook, journal, or diary where you track your successes.

Tell friends, family members, or (ahem) your coach about it. 🙂 

You can do this on Facebook, but you don’t have to. Remember the days of picking up the phone and talking to someone?

Whatever feels right to you, that’s how you should celebrate.

Your mind will eat it up, and it will crave – and create – more success.