If a better quality of life is what you’re after, there’s one key factor that most people overlook.

And no … it’s not squats, deadlifts or Brussels sprouts … though yeah, most people neglect those, too.

I’m talking about consistency.

Doing small things that nudge you closer to your goal, and doing them consistently.

That’s it!

Change happens gradually, not overnight.

So big, sweeping changes all at once usually work against us and move us farther away from our goals.

Small actions executed consistently produce the best results.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of unrealistic goals transformed into attainable ones.

Original Goals:

– I will work out 6 days a week.
– I will eliminate carbs from my diet.

Revised Attainable Goals:

– I will fit in 1-2 strength sessions and 1-2 conditioning workouts per week, even if some are done at home or outdoors.

– I will adjust my carb intake to match my exercise routine (earn my carbs with exercise).

Following these revised goals about 80% of the time can lead to incredible results!

Make it simpler, and do it consistently.

Achieve more with less.

In your pursuit of a better quality of life, consistency is key. 

Keep it simple, and keep doing it over and over and over again.

Celebrate the small wins, and enjoy the results.