Fat-Burning Secret

Everyone seems to be looking for the “next big thing” when it comes to losing fat.

The next trick, tip or hack that will cause the fat cells to melt away.

I’ve got news for you …

You won’t find this “next big thing” at the supplement store.

You won’t find it at the cardio party bootcamp.

You won’t find it on the exercise bike or treadmill.

That’s because the only fat-burning secret that works is the oldest one in the books.

It’s also the simplest.

Strength training.

Just lift weights, bro 🙂 

If you want a sturdy, durable, pain-free and lean body, then following a well-designed strength training program with progressive overload in mind is the best way to get there.

What’s progressive overload?

It just means that you can’t make progress by lifting the same weights for the same number of sets and reps in perpetuity.

In order to make progress, it’s necessary to vary the stimulus.

And we can do this by adding more weight … increasing range of motion … adding tempo and pauses … or even adding band resistance to your lifts.

How you do all of that is up to you and your coach (and hopefully, you have a coach … because you’ll get better results a lot faster if you do).

But there’s one rule that will always hold true.

The treadmill is the road to nowhere when it comes to having a strong, lean, durable body that’s resistant to aches and pains.

Just lift weights.