Father Time

While it’s true that Father Time is undefeated, there are a few ways we can make his job that much more difficult.

According to research studies, 50% of ALL DISEASE can be completely avoided when you exercise and eat supportively.

Avoided – as in, it doesn’t happen.

And 70% of your body can stay the same as it was around your 40- or 50-year-old self.

Your hair may turn gray and your skin may wrinkle. But when it comes to your strength, endurance, mind and overall well-being … you can effectively stay the same as you were in your 40s and 50s until you are about 80 or 90 years old.

Here are a few keys to making Father Time your friend, not your enemy:

Get Started Now: The longer you wait, the harder things will be. And the longer you exercise and eat supportively, the more benefits you’ll get.

Focus On Strength Training: Strength Training sends the strongest signal to our brains to fight Father Time. Building muscle – instead of losing it – leads to less joint pain and the ability to move more and move better doing things you love.

Have A Reason: You need a “why” … something meaningful to keep this thing going. It could be family or friends. It could be a body appearance goal, or an overall health goal. It could be that you want to do all the activities you love pain-free as you get older. It doesn’t matter, as long as you believe in it and it motivates you.

You can do this.

Why not start today?