Fountain of Youth

Ask a few friends or family members what they think the Fountain of Youth is … and you’ll get some interesting answers.

Some will think it’s a supplement you can take. And while I wish there were a pill that could make me 10 years younger, sadly, it doesn’t exist.

Others might say it’s running 5Ks, half marathons or even marathons … not to mention Spartan Races, Tough Mudders and the like. And while I admire people who do these, it’s not exactly the key to healthy living and longevity.

There’s only one thing that can make you feel younger and be able to do more when it comes to whatever activities you love to do.

Simply put, it’s joint health.

Healthy shoulders, knees and lower back are the Big Three.

Joint pain that prevents you from walking more than a block, or getting winded before you’ve reached your destination, isn’t normal.

Having a medicine cabinet with more pills than a gumball machine has gum isn’t normal.

Our body is always deciding …

Are we trying to get younger … or get older?

Take care of your joints, increase your strength, improve your flexibility, keep excess weight off by eating enjoyably but reasonably … and your body will reward you with many more years of healthy, happy living.

Feed your body Netflix and Pop-Tarts, and you’ll be “rewarded” with soft, weak muscles, achy joints, and a pantry filled with pills.

The choice is yours.