It’s A Trap

Losing 20 pounds in 6 weeks was probably the most famous fitness promotion of all time.

It worked … to a point.

Did people lose 20 pounds – or more – in just 6 weeks?

Yup … they sure did.

But in many cases, one of the following – or both – happened:

  1. The 20 pounds came back
  2. Injuries

You see, losing weight with an extreme exercise regimen and/or a starvation diet can and will melt off the pounds in a pretty short amount of time. But since these activities aren’t sustainable, the weight has a tendency to come right back.

Also, these types of programs are focused on one thing: weight loss. And more than that, they’re focused on a specific amount of weight loss in a specific amount of time.

What they’re not focused on is injury prevention and joint health, which is what people should really want as they get older.

Wouldn’t a program that taught you how to exercise and eat sustainably – while building a strong foundation of bone density and joint health – be something you’d want?

I hope so … because that’s really the key to long-term success … and the very fact that you’re reading this newsletter means that you’re smarter than the average bear.

Something to think about as you decide what kind of fitness program is right for you.

The quick fix? Or the long game?

I know what I’d choose … 100% of the time.