Making a New Decision

Have you ever quit doing something you enjoyed and/or knew was good for you and wondered why?

Well, tough love time today …

You’re the reason why.

Well, not you, per se …

It’s your beliefs.

If you believe that losing weight is difficult and that every time you lose some, it’s going to come back … guess what’s going to happen?

If you believe that every time you join a gym or fitness program, you quit after a few months … then you can almost mark your calendar when you’re going to send that cancellation email.

If you believe that you don’t have time or money to shop for healthy food and meal prep, get ready to see your takeout bills start piling up again.

You see, we create the outcomes we get with our beliefs. 

And our thoughts – and thus, our outcomes – are in alignment with those beliefs 100 percent of the time.

Can you change your thoughts, and therefore, change our outcomes?

Well, it doesn’t work exactly like that … 

You have to change your beliefs first.

And to do that, you need to make a new decision.

“I’ve decided that losing weight is easy and I’m going to keep it off this time for good.”

“Joining a fitness program is exactly what I need to be happy and healthy, and I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with it this time.”

“Shopping and meal prepping is healthier and cheaper than ordering takeout all the time, and I’ve decided to borrow some time from watching TV and sitting on the couch and put it toward cooking healthy meals.”

So if you’re stuck, chances are you’ve decided to be. Shift your mindset by making a new decision, and you can dramatically and immediately change your circumstances.