Making the most of gym time

If you’re like me – and most people – you’ve had gym memberships over the years that you didn’t utilize to the fullest.

You see, most commercial gyms thrive on signing up countless members at low rates, banking on the fact that most won’t actually show up. This approach may benefit the gym’s bottom line, but doesn’t do much for its gym members.

It’s kind of backwards, if you ask me.

When new clients come to train with me, what they ask for is pretty simple … but something they haven’t experienced at the “big-box” gyms.

“Just tell me what to do and how to do it.”

They don’t want fancy locker rooms, 24-hour access, overpriced smoothies or high-pressure sales tactics.

And you don’t want those things, either.

All you want is: 

– A structured plan

– A coach to guide you through the exercises safely and effectively

– Accountability and support beyond the gym, so you can fuel your workouts with proper nutrition and recovery
If you would’ve had all of that, wouldn’t that have made a world of difference?

I think we both know the answer.