Play The Long Game

The fitness industry has let you down.

That’s right … I’m comfortable saying that as a member of the fitness industry.

Because the fitness industry is obsessed with weight loss … fat loss … looking great in bikinis and skinny jeans.

That’s not where lasting health and fitness are found.

Longevity should be everyone’s No. 1 goal.

Longevity refers to a long length of life. But for our purposes, we want that life to be healthy and full of vitality – strong and active, full of energy.

Basically, I want to be at my best physically, mentally, and emotionally right up to my last breath.

Now, there’s a LOT that goes into that.

But the latest research is finally pointing to something many of us fitness folks have been preaching for years.

And it’s called the Organ of Longevity.

Do you know what that organ is?


The more muscle mass we’re able to retain as we age, the higher our quality of life will be.

The more activities we’ll be able to do … and the more we’ll be able to enjoy them.

The more calories and fat we’ll be able to burn … because with more muscle mass, we’ll be able to do more work in less time.

So in case you’ve been wondering why strength training is such a prominent aspect of my program … that’s why.

Longevity is the No. 1 goal.

Living as long as we can, as well as we can.

And, it’s never too late to start.