Progress, not perfection

Have you ever dived head-first into a new fitness plan and diet, and gone a little overboard?

Intense workouts, strict meal plans, swearing off sweets and trying to behave as though you’re a professional athlete?

And what always happens?

You stop … because it wasn’t sustainable.

It’s not your fault.

Perhaps you never had a caring guide who told you the truth.

And what’s the truth?

The “all or nothing” mindset doesn’t work.

Trying to be perfect doesn’t work.

Instead, do this:

Start with the essentials. Start with two workouts a week, and build from there. You’ll get better results and feel more accomplished than trying to start with 5 workouts a week and “only” completing two.

Focus on gradual improvements. Change one aspect of your diet at a time, such as eating more fruits and veggies or protein. Once that becomes easy, change something else. You’ll be a lot more successful this way, as opposed to trying to change everything at once.

Celebrate your wins. Don’t beat yourself up over that glass of wine or piece of cake. Celebrate the Sunday meal prepping, grabbing veggies for snacks and hitting your water goal for the day. Every small step can lead to big progress.

Remember, perfection is the enemy of progress. Consistency will yield better results every time.