Protein Stacking?

There are so many sources of high-quality protein, the magical macro in our diet that helps us feel full and keeps hunger cravings away.

But it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking “one protein source per meal.”

Eggs for breakfast, for example. But let’s be honest … who wants to eat 5 or 6 eggs for breakfast every day? That’s how many you’d need to eat in order to get the minimum amount of protein necessary to turn on the “muscle building switch” in your body.

A grilled chicken salad would be a great choice for lunch … but how could we add something simple and make it even better and more satisfying, while adding some taste and texture but NOT a ton of calories?

I want to share with you a concept that my friend Dr. Mike Roussell calls “Protein Stacking.” This is a strategy we can use to combine different protein sources within one meal to make it easier to hit that magic 30 grams of protein per meal … while making our meals tastier and more interesting at the same time. 🙂

So, instead of just eggs for breakfast, what if we scrambled two scrambled eggs, tossed in some leftover ground beef or turkey from last night’s dinner, and chased the meal with a glass of Fairlife Milk (over 60% more protein than regular milk)? 

We’d be hitting that 30-gram protein goal and then some … while also having a much tastier and more satisfying breakfast that will help us feel full and satisfied for hours.

Instead of just settling for the grilled chicken salad for lunch, why not toss in a half cup of edamame (which will add almost 10 grams of protein), a ¼ cup of pistachios (almost 6 grams) … or, dare I say, both?!?

You just made that salad a whole lot more interesting … not to mention a whole lot more filling.

Jazzing up your breakfast and lunch with multiple protein sources will make your meals tastier, and turn on those hormone switches that keep hunger at bay and allow fullness to rule the day.

In other words, say good-bye to those late afternoon snack attacks and seemingly uncontrollable hunger urges at dinner because your body hasn’t gotten enough protein. 

Happy stacking.