The power of gratitude

When pursuing a better body, health and quality of life, it’s easy to focus on the stuff that we don’t have.

But real change happens through a series of small actions executed consistently. And if you celebrate them, you’re going to move closer to success.

Don’t obsess over how far you still have to go. Instead, be grateful for how far you’ve come.

Once you get used to embracing small victories, there are a few other levels of gratitude that you can explore.

It’s one thing to be grateful for what you have … and for most of us, that’s a difficult task that takes time to practice and master.

But can you imagine the power of being grateful in advance?

In other words, being grateful for what you don’t have yet … but will have in the future?

That’s a whole new level of gratitude. And being grateful for the achievement of a goal you haven’t reached yet will make it so much more likely that you’ll achieve it.

In your pursuit of becoming happier and healthier, you can’t leave out gratitude. Be grateful for the small wins, for what you’ve achieved so far … and what you’ll achieve next.