The Secret

Did you know that when it comes to nutrition and weight loss, there is one result-producing secret that stands above the rest?

But here’s the thing – no one has likely ever shared this tip with you.

There are things you can do that will dramatically speed up your results, but this secret might be the difference between diet failure and fat loss success. 

Here it is: A plan that can be adjusted to your lifestyle so you’ll actually follow it.


Chances are, you’ve been told that a diet needs to be restrictive, make you miserable, and exclude all your favorite foods.

You’ve been lied to.

You’ve probably also been told that you have to follow the diet or nutrition plan exactly, or it won’t work.

Again, not true.

I could literally hand you the perfect nutrition plan for you, your body, and weight loss.

If it’s so restrictive, time-consuming and rigid that you can’t follow it, do you think that plan is going to work?

Chances are close to 100 percent that it won’t.

Do this instead:

  • Focus on things you’re already doing well and double-down on those. For example, maybe you’re getting fruits and vegetables with one meal per day; focus on bumping that up to two
  • Make protein your priority. Having a salad is great, but make sure you anchor it with a lean protein.
  • Upgrade your environment and support system. Life is a team sport, and nutrition success rarely happens alone. If you learn how to have conversations with the most influential people in your life and ask them for support, you’ll be light years ahead of most people. In the spaces where you spend the most time – home, work, and your car, for example – make sure healthy options are plentiful and processed foods with added sugars are out of sight.

Don’t expect to rearrange your lifestyle around your nutrition plan. A nutrition plan that’s flexible enough to fit your lifestyle is going to be far more effective … and enjoyable.