This Isn’t NetFlix

When it comes to health and fitness results, most people get too wrapped up in the big picture.

The 30 pounds they need to lose.

The aching pain in their back that won’t go away.

They get frustrated if they can’t see immediate results. And if they don’t see the scale move or feel a difference in their back pain in a day or two, they get frustrated and give up.

Has this ever been you?

The solution is simple.

Just win today.

Today is the only day you control. 

This isn’t Netflix … you don’t get to skip ahead to the next episode.

Why would you want to, anyway? Each day is precious. Maximizing each one consistently – one after another – will get you the results that you want.

Worrying about what can’t happen today, or what you don’t have control over, is a recipe for the same sub-par results and disappointment.

Don’t let it happen.

Do one thing today that will move you closer to your goals.

And don’t worry about tomorrow … or the next day … or next week.

Just win today.