What Can You Add?

We’ve all heard the term “addition by subtraction.” It has to do with simplifying and improving your life by eliminating tasks and people who are draining your time and energy.

But I’ve had some success recently with some nutrition clients that I wanted to share with you. And it has to do with “subtraction by addition.”

As in, subtracting those last few stubborn pounds by adding things to your diet … instead of always taking things away.

There’s a myth that in order to lose weight, we just need to eat less. Sometimes that’s true … but not always.

Instead of depriving and food-shaming yourself, just follow a few simple rules.

=> Are you eating multiple meals per day? Research shows that the good, old fashioned approach of “3 square meals” is best when it comes to weight loss. Long periods without eating can lead to poor food choices, and eating small meals every couple of hours can keep your blood sugar elevated … leaving you feeling like you’re always hungry and never satisfied.

=> Are you getting vegetables and/or fruit throughout the day? Go ahead, have the burger … but add some lettuce and tomato to it … or better yet, a side of grilled veggies.

=> Are you getting lean protein throughout the day? Don’t try to cram all of your protein into one meal, as your body can only digest and absorb so much protein at a time. You can still enjoy the food that comes off the grill, but stick with lean cuts as much as possible (skinless chicken, lean beef) and make sure the other two meals in the day also include a serving of protein.

=> Are you having carbs with breakfast or a post-workout meal … and limiting them the rest of the day? Carbs are neither good nor bad, but there are certain times of day when our body can best put them to use. These would be after you’ve been fasting for many hours while you were asleep … and after a good, hard strength training workout. 

When it comes to simplifying your nutrition and following a plan that’s sustainable, you’ll find that adding in some of the essentials that are missing will serve you better – and be more enjoyable – than taking all the bad stuff away.