You Decide

January is over … how did your fitness plan go last month?

Whether you’ve made a resolution to start a new routine or get back into an old one, our results are determined by our beliefs 100% of the time.

It’s true. The mind is a goal-achieving machine. It will produce actions and outcomes that are always aligned with our beliefs.

Yes, you read that right … ALWAYS.

So, if you hear yourself saying …

“Losing weight is difficult” … then losing weight is going to be difficult for you.

“I’ve tried every fitness program, and I always get overwhelmed and quit after a few weeks” … then it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to stick with the next fitness program you try.

“I’ve lost weight before, and it always comes back” … then chances are you’ll make some short-term progress and then revert to your old habits.

Erase the negative thoughts and replace them with new decisions.

“I’ve decided that losing weight is easy if I stick with my exercise program and make small changes to my diet.”

“I’ve decided that I deserve the body and health that I want.”

“I’ve decided that I’m not going to quit this time when my schedule gets busy.”

“I’ve decided that I’m good enough and strong enough to lose weight and feel younger.”

Once we’ve eliminated the background noise that’s been holding us back, we’ll get the outcomes that we want.

What negative thoughts have been holding you back, and what new decision are you going to make?