Your strength potential

A longtime client said something the other day during a training session that really stuck with me.

“Feeling strong is incredible,” she said.

Mind you, this client had lost more than 40 pounds since she began training with me … but the thing that was even more important to her was feeling strong.

Embracing strength is always a winning choice.

Strength stands out as the best way to look and feel younger. Consistent strength training improves muscle development, fat loss, endurance, mobility and overall well-being.

You may be wondering, “How strong should I be?”

Strength can be measured in terms of absolute capacity (how many pounds you can lift) or relative to your size, body weight and age. The second one is what I’d pay attention to if I were you.

You don’t have to chase powerlifting records; instead, focus on becoming really strong for your unique body and lifestyle.

For those curious to dive deeper, I stumbled upon an informative article outlining various strength levels for men and women across key exercises like the back squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. You can check it out here:

Remember, don’t compare yourself to others. The journey is yours.

And the joy of feeling strong is simply unbeatable.