Celebrating the little things

I have a strong belief in the power of “little things.” 

These small actions, executed consistently (even imperfectly), lead to the greatest and most sustainable success. 

In the fitness world, we often celebrate significant milestones like a 30-pound personal record or 30 pounds of weight loss, and rightly so. However, today I want to highlight the little things that contribute to achieving those big goals.

Perhaps it was establishing the habit of meal prepping for the week or putting in the effort to improve shoulder mobility. Maybe it was staying committed to your mobility exercises, leading to a major improvement in your lunge form. 

These may seem like small things, but they are vital to the big picture.

On the journey toward your ultimate destination, I encourage you not to overlook or underestimate the smaller actions and accomplishments along the way. Each one adds up and plays a significant role in your overall progress.

Remember to celebrate the little things—it’s those daily steps that pave the way to your biggest achievements.