Ditch the scale

The benefits of exercise go well beyond weight loss and body appearance. Today I wanted to share a study that proves it.

Conducted by the University of Virginia and Arizona State University, the study concluded that “obese people typically lower their risks of heart disease and premature death far more by gaining fitness than by dropping weight or dieting,” according to the New York Times.

Pooling data from over 200 meta-analyses, researchers found that sedentary, obese individuals who improved their fitness could lower their risk of premature death by as much as 30 percent or more, even if their weight didn’t budge.

Read that last paragraph again …

Here are two important takeaways:

1. Nutritional intervention is consistently proven to be more effective for weight loss than exercise alone.

2. Weight loss isn’t the sole benefit of exercise, and it shouldn’t be our only motivation.

Instead, consider the benefits of:

– Getting stronger and more capable.

– Building resistance to disease.

– Reducing pain.

– Living a longer and better life.

These reasons seem far more compelling than fitting into a specific size or style of clothing, don’t they?

So, instead of stepping on the scale, I’m off to tackle some deadlifts. 🙂