Don’t Do This

Summer is the time of year when people who really need to start training with us tell me their schedule is “too busy” during the summer to start a fitness program.

“I’ll come back in September once my schedule goes back to normal.”

The funny thing is, when I speak with other prospective clients this month about starting a fitness program in September, they’ll say the exact opposite.

“Oh, I won’t have time to work out once the kids are back in school.”

So, which is it?

It’s neither.

There’s always the same amount of time … it’s just a question of how we use it.

And if you’re always pausing things when an obstacle crosses your path, all you’re going to get good at is stopping.

The pace of life is always going to ebb and flow. Our schedule is constantly evolving with the seasons. 

Maybe August is a time of year when 3 workouts a week isn’t feasible; but 1-2 workouts a week, plus some outdoor activities or home workouts … that’s manageable.

So … do that!

Consistency doesn’t mean consistently doing it all.

It means consistently doing something that will move you forward.