Like An Athlete

There’s a misconception that athletes – be they professional or amateur – somehow train differently than the average person.

They don’t … and they shouldn’t.

They’re just more consistent and focused on doing the basics better than everyone else.

“Training like an athlete” doesn’t mean performing a bunch of exotic, advanced or extreme exercises that the average person isn’t capable of doing.

It just means consistently squatting, lunging, hinging, pushing, pulling and carrying heavy stuff … with appropriate doses of “cardio” and intelligent core training mixed in.

That’s it.

Athletes need to become stronger, more powerful and more flexible. 

They need to improve their joint mobility, cardiovascular conditioning, and core strength.

And they need to resolve muscular imbalances, improve their balance and stability, and recover properly.

They need to eat supportively, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and practice mindfulness and stress-reducing activities.

So I ask … how is that different from what the average person needs to do?

The answer is … it’s not.