Progress over perfection

In countless conversations about fitness journeys, the phrase “back on track” is something I’ve heard more times than I can count. It seems we’re all navigating a cycle of being on track, falling off and then striving to get back on.

Let’s challenge this notion.

What if the concept of being “on” or “off” track is irrelevant? What if we simply focused on winning each day, celebrating small victories and being kind to ourselves during setbacks?

Health and wellness are not absolute, right-or-wrong scenarios. There’s no magic switch that dictates the state of our fitness.

Your body doesn’t categorize your efforts as on or off track—it’s our minds that create these labels.

I believe true health and happiness come from consistent, sustainable progress rather than perfection. It’s about showing up every day, regardless of how you feel.

On good days, seize the opportunity to excel in your workouts, nutrition, sleep and hydration. On tougher days, taking even a small step forward is commendable.

Remember, a slip-up doesn’t define your journey. It’s a reminder that you’re human and an opportunity to be patient with yourself.

Keep moving forward, one step at a time.