Businesses usually take stock of how they’re doing on a quarterly basis, so they know what has to change in order to achieve their goals and hit their targets.

It’s the same with health and fitness.

Did you set a goal for the first quarter of the year … and if so, are you on track to achieve it?

If not, what has to change?

Shrink it down to as small a timeframe as you need to. Where do you want to be a year, month, week, or day from now? And actions are required to make that happen?

Then, just start doing one of those things.

It could be starting a strength training program.

It could be planning your meals.

It could be taking a few minutes each morning or evening to be by yourself and think.

It might be getting outdoors – with just yourself and without your phone – to get some fresh air, sunshine, and enjoy nature for a little while.

Whatever it is for you … do that one thing.

Then, do another.

And another.

Before you know it, you’ll not only be closer to your goal … you’ll achieve it.

Just remember … there is no achievement without action.