Stick With It

If you’ve ever had the feeling that you’re not going to be able to stick with your fitness routine for the long haul, you’re not alone.

I’ve seen this with clients who’ve been training with me for a week … and I’ve seen it with clients who’ve been training with me for five years.

I’ve even fallen victim to this mentality at times over the years.

The problem isn’t your inability to “stick with it.”

The problem is a lack of trust.

A lack of trust in yourself and the decisions you’ve made.

Maybe giving up on an exercise program is something that’s happened to you in the past. For good reason, you’re feeling anxious that it could happen again. But remember … not being able to stick with it isn’t a fact. It’s a belief and a decision that you’ve made … and that you can change 🙂

I’ve seen this mentality creep in even with long-time clients who’ve been consistent and successful over the years. It’s especially prevalent during the summer months when vacations happen. 

I’ve seen people try to cram in so many extra workouts prior to vacation to make up for “not having time to exercise during vacation” that they actually were guilty of overtraining. And I’ve seen clients return from vacation and “punish themselves” by training too hard and too often … when what their body actually needs is a slow ramp-up of activity.

One last thing on trust.

If you don’t trust yourself, maybe what you’re really saying is that you don’t trust some of the beliefs you’ve formed and the decisions you’ve made.

Change them, and watch the trust in yourself go through the roof.