The truth about a flatter stomach

I wanted to address a common misconception about fitness that frequently comes up in my training sessions. 

It’s a mistake that anyone can make, regardless of their fitness experience.

Here are two of the most common questions I get:

  1. “What foods should I be eating to achieve a flatter stomach?” 
  1. “Which exercises will help me lose my belly fat?”

If you’ve come to know me well, you can probably predict my response to both questions.

“Squats and deadlifts.”

Doing endless sit-ups and crunches won’t magically burn belly fat; it will only leave you with a sore midsection. What truly works is consistent strength training, especially exercises like squats and deadlifts, which engage multiple joints and burn lots of calories. 

Similarly, there is no specific food that will miraculously melt away belly fat (despite the numerous online claims). However, consuming whole, minimally processed foods while maintaining a calorie deficit will melt belly fat like a metabolic blowtorch.

Let’s start this new month with an open mind about dispelling myths and focus on keeping things simple and consistent.