Things That Suck

A mentor of mine has a saying that I like.

“Don’t do things that suck.”

That’s one of the main reasons I started a business … so I could stop doing things that sucked … and decide what I did and didn’t want to do.

It took me a long time to get there … and to be honest, it’s still a daily struggle.

Don’t get me wrong … mopping the gym floor and taking out the trash and recycling aren’t my favorite activities. And when I have some help, those are two tasks that I prefer to delegate.

But when I do those things, I do them to the best of my ability and with a positive attitude … not with a chip on my shoulder.

Because if I carry a grudge about having to do those things, the negative energy will spill into the next thing that I really love to do … coaching clients, creating valuable content, marketing a new program that has the potential to change lives.

In order to get good at this, we need to have priorities.

If you have kids and watching them play sports is a priority, it becomes crystal clear what steps need to be taken in order to make that happen on a regular basis. Delegate tasks that are in the way, for example, or creating a more flexible schedule.

If losing 10 pounds and having a flatter stomach is a priority, then there need to be supportive actions taking place that will make that happen … as opposed to just wishing that it will happen.

Setting priorities is a game changer … and having a powerful “why” can create the motivation and momentum that you need.

There’s a new month around the corner. What are you going to prioritize over the next four weeks to be healthier and happier? Reply back and let me know.