Tracking your fitness progress

Starting a fitness program can be challenging when you don’t see immediate changes on the scale. Remember, healthy weight loss takes time and dedication.

On average, men lose about .056% of body weight per week, and women lose slightly less at around .05%. For example, a 150-pound woman following a solid program may expect to lose about .75 pounds weekly, which adds up to significant progress over time. A 20-pound goal could take around 6 months to achieve in a sustainable way.

Beyond weight, there are other key indicators of progress:

– Body Composition: Your health is better at 150 pounds with 20% body fat than at 145 pounds with 30% body fat.

– Strength: Improving relative strength is crucial for long-term health and vitality. Prioritize strength training.

– Mobility: Enhancing flexibility and movement patterns can prevent pain and aid in aging gracefully.

– Cardiovascular Health: While resistance training is essential for fat loss, don’t overlook cardiovascular exercise for overall health and fitness benefits.

Interested in tracking your progress? Let me know!