Understanding workout injuries

We’ve all been there – a workout-related injury prompting the classic advice, “Don’t do that exercise anymore.” But what if there’s a better question to ask?

Instead of fixating on the specific exercise, consider these factors:

1. Stress Levels: Reflect on your stress levels leading up to the workout. Overwhelming stress can contribute to injuries.

2. Nutrition Habits: Evaluate your nutrition. Are you fueling your body with a balance of protein and veggies, or indulging in chips, dips, and less nutritious options?

3. Sleep Quality: Examine your sleep patterns. Are you getting adequate rest (around 8 hours) or struggling with minimal sleep?

4. Movement Discomfort: Identify any difficult or painful positions. Pushing through discomfort without addressing it may lead to issues.

Every individual has a limit for daily stress tolerance. Exceeding this limit, often due to factors beyond the workout, can result in injuries and health issues.

For instance, if your last 24 hours looked like:

👎 2 hours in a car and 10 hours at a desk

👎 No breakfast, fast food for lunch, pizza, wings, and beer for dinner

👎 4 1-2 hours of sleep at best

👎 Zero time spent on managing stress or improving flexibility

It wasn’t the kettlebell swing that caused the issue. It was everything else that pushed you past your capacity before picking up the kettlebell.

The positive news? You have control over these contributing factors.