What’s so personal about training?

The landscape of personal training has evolved significantly from its traditional roots in the big-box gym.

In the “old days,” personal training often involved little more than supervised workouts, exercise instructions and maybe some nutritional guidance.

In other words, it was pretty cookie-cutter.

And it was almost always done 1×1.

That was the “old” way of doing things. But now, you have more flexibility and options.

Enter “small group personal training.”

Innovative trainers can now work with clients of varying fitness levels simultaneously, fostering a dynamic and supportive workout environment.

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training:

1. It’s More Fun: Working out alongside peers can make exercise more engaging and enjoyable.

2. It’s More Cost-Effective: Small Group Personal Training offers clients personalized attention and tailored programs at a more affordable rate.

3. It’s Individualized: In a group setting, each person receives customized exercises aligned with their abilities and goals.

Imagine a group training session featuring clients with diverse fitness backgrounds:

– Experienced Client 1 focuses on barbell deadlifts and high-intensity drills.

– Client 2, also experienced but dealing with back pain, is given safer alternatives like trap bar deadlifts and mobility exercises.

– Newbie Clients 3 and 4 engage in bodyweight circuits and foundational movements to establish strength and movement quality.

Together, they embark on a journey that combines camaraderie, tailored guidance and a comprehensive workout experience tailored to their individual needs.

Embrace the evolution of personal training as a collaborative, inclusive and empowering fitness approach.