“Working Out” vs “Training”

Many people think the terms “working out” and “training” are interchangeable.

They’re not.

Let me explain.

Training is intentionally and purposefully raising your body’s capacity to perform, while improving flexibility and joint mobility and learning how to master the basics so you can build a strong, resilient foundation of fitness.

Working out is doing a bunch of random stuff as fast as you can until you’re sweaty and exhausted.

Training will result in a strong, healthy physique that will be able to do all the activities you love and want to do for as long as you want to do them.

Working out may … or may not … get you that desired result.

Isn’t your body … and your future … worth more than taking random chances?

Let me put it this way …

Have you ever joined a gym or started a workout program and had your results sabotaged by pain and injury?

Well, it’s not your fault.

January is a time when lots of people are running full speed into a new fitness program … or getting back into their routine after getting off track during the holidays.

Some will get great results, avoid injury and stick with it.

Despite having the best intentions, most will not.

Maybe they ended up in a studio that puts 30 people in a room with an inexperienced instructor and tells them to do a bunch of random exercises really fast until they’re sweaty and exhausted. That’s not training … that’s a dangerous form of recreation.

Maybe they joined a big corporate gym with showers, saunas and gorgeous locker rooms … which were the only things in the gym that they knew how to use properly.

Maybe they hired a trainer who was really good at counting reps, but had no education or experience helping people improve their nutrition, lifestyle or mindset … the areas where most people need to make the biggest improvements.

It wasn’t their fault.

If you’re in the middle of a new fitness program – or getting back into a routine after the holiday layoff – find someone who can help you do it right.

Your body will thank you later.