All Or Nothing

I’ve seen a lot of people start a fitness and nutrition program like gangbusters. Training four times a week, following a meal plan to a tee, prepping all their food in advance, cutting out the junk and alcohol, and behaving like a world-class athlete.

Inevitably, what happens?

The reality hits that too much of a good thing may not be sustainable … at least not at first.

So, if you’re starting, don’t go all in or try to be perfect.

And if you’re in a rut with your training, nutrition, or both, don’t fall into the “all or nothing”” trap. 

In both cases, you can stick with your program longer and minimize the length and frequencies of those “getting off track” moments by going for the low-hanging fruit first.

Instead of trying to train every day, start with two training sessions a week. Make it easier and more sustainable, build some success and confidence for, say, 3-6 months, and then bump it up to three sessions a week.

Instead of starting a completely new diet, identify the most glaring omission (Fruits and veggies? Protein? Water?) and work on being consistent with that for two weeks. Then move onto the next habit for two weeks and keep building from there.

Don’t try to fix everything all at once or be perfect. Go for the low-hanging fruit and you’ll be closer to your goals.