Avoid this

I wanted to share a common pitfall that many of us encounter during the holiday season—one that I’m determined to help you avoid.

You know how I’m always talking about steering clear of the “all or nothing” mindset? Well, December is a prime example of when this approach can sneak up on us.

After putting in the effort for 11 months, staying consistent with exercise and making reasonable food choices, it’s easy to be lured away by holiday parties and an abundance of sweets and treats.

Let’s not fall into that trap.

I’ve already had a couple of clients reach out, mentioning they’re too busy in December to work out and wondering if they can pause their membership until January. Now, putting on my “Coach” hat, I’ll tell you why this is the worst thing that could possibly do.

During the holidays, having a coach becomes even more crucial. Some exercise during this time is better than none. 

Plus, life doesn’t have a pause button. If you stop every time things get busy or inconvenient, the only thing you’re going to become good at is … stopping.

Being consistent with your workouts – even if they’re not as frequent – allows you to indulge in your favorite foods without that lingering guilt. Plus, the perks of exercise extend beyond the number on the scale or how your pants fit. Exercise is proven to boost your mood and enhance brain health. With the holiday season comes stress. Exercise can be your break from the chaos.

So, the message for today is, “Stay the course.” Don’t succumb to the holiday trap. Your waistline and mindset will thank you come January.