Focus on what won’t change

In the whirlwind of changes over the past few years, let’s anchor ourselves to three constants that WON’T:

1. Self-Care is Non-Negotiable: Amid caring for others, don’t forget yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Remember the airplane rule: Put your oxygen mask on first. Help yourself to be the best version for others.

2. The “Other” 165: Gym sessions are crucial, but real change happens in the “Other 165” hours of the week. Sleep, stress, hydration, and nutrition shape your well-being more than any workout. Embrace accountability for what unfolds during these hours.

3. The Simpler The Better: In exercise, the basics triumph. Expensive, complex equipment may seem alluring, but mastering the fundamentals yields the best results. Become adept at the basics, and the rest will follow naturally.

It’s straightforward: Take care of yourself, pay attention to the “Other 165,” and keep things simple.