One thing

When clients find themselves overwhelmed or with a lot on their plate, my go-to advice has consistently been, “Focus on 1 thing.”

Amid the chaos of the day, with ten million things to do, it’s easy to feel no closer to your happiness or health goals. Instead of spreading yourself thin, concentrate on ONE thing that moves you forward.

Now, daily responsibilities like work, bills, and caring for your kids are non-negotiable. But beyond that, ensure you do ONE thing that betters your day, makes you happier, and aligns with your goals.

What could that be?

  • Learn something new that you can apply.
  • Apply something new that you have learned.
  • Hydrate more.
  • Sleep an hour earlier.
  • Move meaningfully for 20 minutes.
  • Upgrade each meal slightly—swap starches for an extra serving of veggies, for instance.

Even if the improvement seems small, the impact is significant. There’s a compounding effect: small successes breed confidence, shape habits, and pave the way for more significant victories.

When feeling overwhelmed, start here. Focus on ONE thing at a time.